10,000 Local Residents

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.”

-Steuart Henderson Britt
Marketing Management and Administrative Action

10,000 local residents

10,000 Mailboxes

LocSavings is not looking to replace your current advertising ventures; weare looking to offer you an additional advertising campaign to drive business to your establishment or practice. Advertising helps new start-ups get the word out about their business, promotes local offers from treasured favorites, and can reignite old flames of stagnant business performers. You cannot always expect that consumers are looking for you; you have to put yourself in front of them.

LocSavings puts your offer right in front of the consumer. Since our mailer is mailed flat, all the consumer has to do is check their mailbox and it can’t be missed. The high quality, UV coated, foot long mailer is one of the largest pieces of mail that can be mailed flat. It’s different, attractive, and full of enticing offers that the local community can appreciate.

LocSavings mails over 10,000 units to assure that your ad gets in front of the most eyes possible. Not all homes have just one resident either; LocSavings delivers your ad to at least 10,000 mailboxes.

We want to help local businesses prosper while also helping local residents save. With our mailer, everyone wins. The key to success is in getting your offer out there and making it enticing enough to drum up new business; the value of a new lifetime customer cannot be measured, but how much are they worth to you?

Why Use EDDM?

Not everyone gets online and/or surfs around the internet for generic information. As a local business owner, it can be beneficial to rank high in the search engines so that people can go to your website, but does that necessarily mean they will become a new client or customer for your business? You could pay for ad campaigns online that drive targeted traffic to your website, but have those visitors gotten off the computer to come see you? Online ad campaigns can be tweaked to give a good Return on Investment (ROI), but how much money do you lose before you find the campaign that is profitable for you? And even then, how much are you paying per active lead?

Not everyone listens to the radio; in fact, many of those who actually do are not usually interested in listening to commercials. They turn on the radio to be entertained, and advertising is usually not entertaining. Many will change the station to find something else while they wait for the commercial to end. This is why the ‘commercial-free’ promos can be quite popular for a given radio station.

Not everyone reads the paper; many subscribe only to get the coupons while others either do not read it at all or will view it online. Newspapers are one form of print media that can’t always compete with their online counterparts.
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Every Door Direct Mail: What is it?

Every Door Direct Mail

Every door means every door!

Every Door Direct Mail [EDDM] is a relatively new service offered by the US Postal System to provide businesses with a way to reach their local community without the bloated costs of targeted lists and postage. At 14.5c per card, businesses can mail flats, brochures, and menus to their local community.

How Does it Work?

Every Door Direct Mail allows you to specify certain mailing routes that you want your mailer distributed to so that you can send your coupon, offer, ad, or menu to every household and business within a given radius of your business. You are free to elminate routes that you don’t feel would be a good fit with your campaign as well.
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