Why Advertise With LocSavings?

A prevalent question when considering new advertising methods is why should we try something new? Sometimes it is more comfortable to try avenues that are proven even if they don’t perform as well as we would like or expect. Sometimes it is easier and safer to “stick with what you know”.

Local Businesses Only

LocSavings is a project of Rep My Brand that has been implemented to increase local activity in local businesses. What this means is that you will not find national chain names on the same mailer that your local business advertises; if you are the local pizza shop, you will not be competing with the Taco Bell or KFC who already use saturated mailing techniques. LocSavings’ new concept of co-op mailing utilizes the affordability of the Every Door Direct Mail system and makes saturated mailing more affordable for local business owners by splitting up the costs among multiple companies.

No Direct Competition

In order to assure low competition, LocSavings also does not permit advertisers in the same category to advertise on the same mailer. What this means is that if you are the local pizza shop advertising on the mailer sent to a given postal route, you are the only pizza shop listed on that mailer. Some zip codes are split into multiple mailings because their span is so wide; LocSavings aims to make the advertising as affordable as possible while still hitting a large area of the local community so we split up zones that allow for multiple mail attempts. Why waste money advertising in areas that are not local to your business; LocSavings targets areas within a 5-10 mile radius of your business to increase the odds of new and repeat customers.

No Extended Contracts

LocSavings does not require an extended contract to advertise with us; if you just want to try us out or only want to run a campaign once or twice a year, we can accommodate your needs as long as there is available ad space. If you prefer to do solo mailings, we do also offer competitive rates on solo advertising.

Size Matters

Our mailer is a foot long! You can’t eat it, but you can definitely offer enticing offers to the local community that will bring them into your fine dining establishment! This mailer measures 1 foot long and 9 inches high; it cannot be missed. It is one of the largest pieces of mail that can be mailed flat which means your offer does not get folded over into the inside. Your offer does not get lost in a sealed envelope among competing offers that few people take the time to sift through anymore. In the age of fast cars and fast food, people want to know everything quicker; our mailer displays all offers in a convenient form that makes visibility much greater than with other traditional mail advertising.


We offer more range for your buck; if you were to do a 10,000 card mail campaign, it would cost you well over twice as much just in postage alone, never-mind the cost of an ad designer. Take for instance these selected routes from La Plata, MD; observe how the expenses can really add up for a single campaign if you attempted to do this on your own!

Hardly Half Our Size!

Almost Half Our Size, But Already Over Twice The Price!

LocSavings allows you to test what offers will attract a wider audience without spending a lot of money. By allowing you to spend less each campaign, you can spread your advertising budget further. Use the contact form today to find out how you can advertise with us before your competitor jumps in and grabs your spot. Remember, we will only feature one business per category per mailer so contact us today to get the prime real estate in your area locked down for your business!

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